BVN + (Face Validation)

Verify users bank verification number against user image

With the BVN 2.0, businesses have access to a comprehensive verification system that not only confirms a user's identity, but also ensures that they are the rightful owner of their bank account. This is done by requiring users to upload a clear and recent image of themselves along with their bank verification number, which is then cross-referenced against our database, ensuring you only onboard and transact with real customers.

This endpoint leverages our cutting-edge facial recognition and data analytics infrastructure to accurately match the user's image with their bank verification number, ensuring that there is no possibility of identity theft or fraud. Once you provide a user’s BVN and it matches with a recent picture, giving you a high match score, the verification process is complete, and users can rest easy knowing that their information is safe and secure.



number: 54651333604




Request Header

app-idYour App ID
x-api-keyYour Secret Key

Request Body

numberBank Verification Number
imageImage url(png, jpeg, base64)

Sample Response

    "status": true,
    "detail": "Verification Successful",
    "response_code": "00",
    "data": {
        "bvn": "10101010101",
        "firstName": "test",
        "middleName": "test",
        "lastName": "test",
        "dateOfBirth": "10-sep-2000",
        "registrationDate": "10-jan-2000",
        "enrollmentBank": "000",
        "enrollmentBranch": "abuja",
        "email": "",
        "gender": "male",
        "levelOfAccount": "Level 3 - High Level Accounts",
        "lgaOfOrigin": "Sag",
        "lgaOfResidence": "Ba",
        "maritalStatus": "Single",
        "nin": "",
        "nameOnCard": "test ",
        "nationality": "Nigeria",
        "phoneNumber1": "07000000000",
        "phoneNumber2": "08000000000",
        "residentialAddress": "01 yandaba ",
        "stateOfOrigin": "Ba State",
        "stateOfResidence": "test State",
        "title": "Mr",
        "watchListed": "NO",
        "base64Image": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgdhhsbankdk/2wBDAAgGBgcfjgjjdcJCQgKDBQNDAsLDBkSEw8hdhdhdhHh0aHBwgJC4nICIsIxwcKDcpLDAxNDQ0Hyc5PTgyPC4zNDL/2wBDAQkJCQwLDBgNDRgyIRwhMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMjIyMLiMykhmBxz2NKMLuwSlyq4lnbSLZgycfWpzInAJBwMdK3b3TTHYluuBk4rFtLdJISzgg7jXSoRXU4vay6o//9k=",
        "number": "20000000000",
        "face_data": {
            "status": false,
            "response_code": "01",
            "message": "Face does not match",
            "confidence": 0.0
    "verification": {
        "reference": "c14d243e9-15dd-42f5-852b-89e4a644e90b"
    "session": {}

Response Description

statusIndicates that the request was successful.
detailIndicates the detail of the response.
response_codeRepresents the response code.
face_dataContains information related to face recognition or matching process.
statusIndicates that the face matching process was successful.
messageSignifies that the face images matched.
confidenceRepresents the confidence level of the face match.
dataContains various fields representing the data associated with a Bank Verification Number (BVN).
titleThe person's title, such as "Mr" or "Mrs".
genderThe person's gender, such as "Male" or "Female".
maritalStatusThe person's marital status, such as "Single" or "Married".
watchListedIndicates whether the person is watchlisted or not.
levelOfAccountIndicates the level of the person's account.
bvnThe person's Bank Verification Number.
firstNameThe person's first name.
middleNameThe person's middle name.
lastNameThe person's last name.
dateOfBirthThe person's date of birth in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
phoneNumber1The person's date of birth in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
phoneNumber2The person's secondary phone number.
registrationDateThe date when the person's BVN was registered in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".
enrollmentBankThe code representing the bank where the person's BVN was enrolled.
enrollmentBranchThe branch where the person's BVN was enrolled, specified as a location.
emailThe person's email address.
lgaOfOriginThe person's Local Government Area (LGA) of origin.
lgaOfResidenceThe person's current Local Government Area (LGA) of residence.
ninThe person's National Identification Number (NIN).
nameOnCardThe name displayed on the person's card.
nationalityThe person's nationality.
residentialAddressThe person's residential address.
stateOfOriginThe person's state of origin.
stateOfResidenceThe person's current state of residence.
base64ImageThe person's image encoded in base64 format.