WHT Checker

Kenya Withholding Tax (WHT) Checker endpoint allows you to check if a Kenyan WHT certificate is valid or not. It is used by businesses to determine if the WHT certificate of their users are viable as this will help them either proceed to pay the WHT on behalf of their payees or make a well informed decision about the WHT status.

The Kenya WHT Checker endpoint is a valuable tool for businesses who must comply with Kenyan tax laws. The endpoint is easy to use and provides accurate information about WHT liability.



obligation_type: vat

certificate_number: 10000000

withholder_pin: 123456789

payee_pin: 123456789




Request Header

x-api-keyYour Secret Key
app-idYour app id

Request Body

obligation_typeType of tax obligation
certificate_numberThe certificate number
withholder_pinThe withholder's PIN
payee_pinThe payee's PIN

Sample Response

    "status": true,
    "response_code": "00",
    "data": "The Withholding Certificate that you are trying to confirm is VALID."

Response Description

statusIndicates that the request was successful.
response_codeRepresents the response code.
dataA string providing the information about the result of the WHT validation