Get Verification Status

Retrieve verification status

This endpoint offers merchants a frictionless pathway to obtain current verification status for verifications done on Prembly through any channel. With a seamless and user-friendly design, this endpoint serves as a dynamic gateway, enabling merchants to effortlessly retrieve detailed information about the verification progress.

Please note that this endpoint is designed exclusively for use in live environment.


Request Header

x-api-keyYour Secret Key

Sample Response

    "status": true,
    "data": {
        "reference": "2e81dde5-6f75-4ec9-83e3-2d78565a6f8d",
        "response_code": "00",
        "price": "200.0",
        "endpoint": {
            "id": "ud9e0672-558f-4c29-b98a-162b76826749",
            "name": "Document Verification",
            "code": "DOCUMENT_VERIFICATION"
        "endpoint_name": "Document Verification",
        "product": "3f20cd19-e739-419c-bec7-gfdsc5c8a441b",
        "billing_status": true,
        "request_data": "doc_country",
        "response_data": "",
        "source": "PORTAL",
        "charge_source": null,
        "bulk": null,
        "verification_status": "VERIFIED",
        "application": null,
        "organisation": "e3e75aa0-19d5-2ews-a098-915b017c0a4f",
        "organisation_name": "Prembly",
        "created_at": "2023-05-26T09:52:49.677Z"

Response Description

statusIndicates that the request was successful.
dataContains detailed information about the transaction.
referenceA unique reference identifier for the transaction.
response_codeThe response code associated with the transaction.
priceThe price or cost of the transaction.
endpointDetails about the endpoint of the transaction.
idThe unique ID of the endpoint.
nameThe name of the endpoint.
codeThe code of the endpoint.
endpoint_nameThe name of the endpoint.
productThe product associated with the transaction.
billing_statusIndicates whether billing is active.
request_dataThe data related to the request.
response_dataThe data related to the response.
sourceThe source of the transaction.
charge_sourceThe source of the charge.
bulkBulk information.
verification_statusThe verification status of the transaction.
applicationApplication details.
organisationThe unique ID of the organization.
organisation_nameThe name of the organization.
created_atThe date and time the transaction was created.