Face Recognition

Enroll and Authenticate your user's using their faces

Getting the Best result out of IdentityPass facial recognition (Face Biometrics)

Identitypass’ facial recognition is an AI system that is designed to suit various use cases ranging from face match to liveness check. To get the best possible result from our system, it’s very important to follow the guidelines below.

  • While taking photos with your device camera ensure the face is facing the camera within the recommended range of angles. (The recommended range of angles includes The face should be less than 30 degrees face down and less than 45 degrees face up. The face should be looking into the camera and not rotated from left to right or vice versa by ensuring less than 45 degrees in either direction (left/right).

  • Ensure both eyes are widely opened and very visible to the camera

  • Stay far enough from the camera to show your entire face (head and shoulders) and avoid Avoid staying too close to the camera

  • Stay close enough to the camera to ensure your face covers a larger portion of the camera
  • Stay away from objects that might be blocking the face such as sunshades, hijabs and headgear, hats, etc.

  • Ensure that your cameras have a good resolution to capture better image quality

  • Avoid the use of camera filters, over-exposed or under-exposed photos

  • Take photos in a well-lighted place and avoid colored lights and shadows on your face

  • Ensure your photos have sufficient contrast with the background. (A high-contrast monochrome background works well.)

  • Use images of faces with neutral facial expressions with mouth closed and little to no smile except the system explicitly request for some actions to be carried out

  • Use images that are bright and sharp. Avoid using images that may be blurry due to subject and camera motion as much as possible.