Credit Bureau

Get Credit bureau statement

Using this endpoint, we make it easy and convenient for businesses to get their customers’ creditworthiness using their bureau statement. All you need to do is simply enter your customer’s basic information and we'll generate a comprehensive report that provides an in-depth analysis of their credit history and score.

More still, businesses can easily view and analyze their customer’s credit bureau statement, identify areas for improvement, and take steps to ieither engage or disengage the customer.



phone_number: 08080808080

first_name: test




Request Header

app-idYour App ID
x-api-keyYour Secret Key

Request Body

phone_numberPhone number
first_nameFirst name

Sample Response

    "status": true,
    "detail": "Credit Verification Successful",
    "response_code": "00",
    "data": {
        "Bvn": "30000000001",
        "Phonenumber": "08080808080",
        "LinkedAccounts": "4",
        "FullName": "John Doe",
        "DateOFBirth": "12-Dec-1997",
        "Gender": "Male",
        "LinkedEmail": null,
        "IsLoan": "Yes",
        "LoanAmounts": "395,000",
        "LastUpdatedDate": "2/11/2022 10:10:22 AM",
        "Score": "669",
        "Delinquency": "235,197",
        "PerformanceSummary": [
                "ACCOUNT_BALANCE": "235,197",
                "APPROVED_AMOUNT": "NGN   747,165",
                "DATA_PRDR_ID": "00000",
                "DISHONORED_CHEQUES_COUNT": "0",
                "FACILITIES_COUNT": "10",
                "INSTITUTION_NAME": "GT BANK",
                "NONPERFORMING_FACILITY": "0",
                "OVERDUE_AMOUNT": "0",
                "PERFORMING_FACILITY": "10"
                "ACCOUNT_BALANCE": "0",
                "APPROVED_AMOUNT": "NGN   297,500",
                "DATA_PRDR_ID": "00000",
                "DISHONORED_CHEQUES_COUNT": "0",
                "FACILITIES_COUNT": "13",
                "NONPERFORMING_FACILITY": "0",
                "OVERDUE_AMOUNT": "0",
                "PERFORMING_FACILITY": "13"
                "ACCOUNT_BALANCE": "0",
                "APPROVED_AMOUNT": "NGN   95,000",
                "DATA_PRDR_ID": "00000",
                "DISHONORED_CHEQUES_COUNT": "0",
                "FACILITIES_COUNT": "5",
                "NONPERFORMING_FACILITY": "0",
                "OVERDUE_AMOUNT": "0",
                "PERFORMING_FACILITY": "5"
                "ACCOUNT_BALANCE": "0",
                "APPROVED_AMOUNT": "NGN   287,000",
                "DATA_PRDR_ID": "00000",
                "DISHONORED_CHEQUES_COUNT": "0",
                "FACILITIES_COUNT": "3",
                "NONPERFORMING_FACILITY": "0",
                "OVERDUE_AMOUNT": "0",
                "PERFORMING_FACILITY": "3"

Response Description

statusIndicates that the request was successful.
detailThis field indicates the detail of the response.
response_codeRepresents the response code.
dataIt is a string that contains some encrypted or encoded data related to the verification.
BvnThe consumer's Bank Verification Number (BVN).
PhonenumberThe consumer's phone number.
LinkedAccountsThe total number of accounts that the consumer has linked to their BVN.
FullNameThe consumer's full name.
DateOFBirthThe consumer's date of birth.
GenderThe consumer's gender.
LinkedEmailThe consumer's email address.
IsLoanIndicates whether the consumer has a loan.
LoanAmountsThe total amount of money that the consumer has borrowed.
LastUpdatedDateThe date that the consumer's information was last updated.
ScoreThe consumer's credit score.
DelinquencyThe amount of money that the consumer owes on delinquent accounts.
PerformanceSummaryThis property can contain multiple objects, one for each financial institution that the consumer has borrowed money from.
ACCOUNT_BALANCEThe total loan repayment amount for that bank, it will keep reducing as the customer pays their installments.
APPROVED_AMOUNTThe total amount of credit that has been approved for the consumer.
DATA_PRDR_IDThe unique identifier for the data provider that provided the information.
DISHONORED_CHEQUES_COUNTThe total number of dishonored checks that the consumer has written.
FACILITIES_COUNTThe total number of credit facilities that the consumer has.
INSTITUTION_NAMEThe name of the financial institution that issued the credit facilities.
NONPERFORMING_FACILITYThe total number of credit facilities that are in default.
OVERDUE_AMOUNTThe total amount of money that is owed on the credit facilities that are in default.
PERFORMING_FACILITYThe total number of credit facilities that are in good standing.